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  • Debbie J. Elder

A New Adventure: My Return to Kansas

Updated: May 21, 2019

Springtime in Kansas with my Mom's Blooming Lilacs

"A comfort zone is the most dangerous area anyone can stay in. It is a place of no growth and no challenges."

Brian Cagneey author,

The 7 Laws of Fear.

My life is about to change. Not just a little. But dramatically! I am rolling head first to a place well outside of my comfort zone. I am making this change willingly and with 100% support of John, my husband of 25 years. But he is not going with me (at least not just yet.)

I have accepted a new job doing something I have never done before. Although that hasn't stopped me in the past. I am moving to a remote rural area in the middle of somewhere, just off of the state line where eastern Kansas meets western Missouri. I am moving back to my treasured home state of Kansas. All of this is happening in less than two weeks.

I know. This is surprising. Maybe even a bit shocking! After 20 years of living in sunshiny Arizona, it will be an adjustment. There will be many changes. Four seasons to savor with plenty of sun, rain, hail, wind, humidity, tornados, sleet, snow, ice and shivery cold. There will be bright green grass, lots of shade trees, parades, ball games, fireworks, summertime flowers, and changing fall leaves. I haven't seen lighting bugs or been bitten by mosquitos for many years, and there will be plenty of both in Kansas. My shopping habits will likely slow as the best options in the little town I will be residing are antique stores, Casey's General Store, and a Walmart. The pace will be snaillike, people will be nicer, everything will be somewhat simpler. Strangers speak to each other. Everyone waves to one another. If I remember correctly, it will be much quieter, except for the crickets and locusts that serenade late into the night. It will be much more relaxed. Possibly even peaceful.

I will be living in Fort Scott, Kansas, population 8,087. I will be within one hour of my long-time friends in Greater Kansas City, and a little over 2 1/2 hours away from my Kansas family. My new job will be a 25 minute daily commute to a 12-room celebrated bed and breakfast, Cedar Crest Lodge.

I'm excited, but at the same time, slightly fearful.

Follow along on my journey on my personal blog, MyKansasLife.com, as I embark on this new adventure as an assistant innkeeper at one of the top 10 Most Romantic Inns in the US (rated by I Love Inns).

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