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  • Debbie J. Elder

An Unexpected Luxury - Sending Out the Laundry

Five Star Laundry in Fort Scott, KS

During my first three weeks in Fort Scott I didn't have a washer or dryer in my apartment. I have a set now, but when I moved in, the unit did not come furnished with a pair of these appliances. I don't have too much laundry since my employer provides a partial uniform to all staff. We wear a different colored, coordinated with fellow staff, tee-shirt with the Cedar Crest Lodge logo stamped on it every day for work. So my laundry is minimal. But, there came a day a few weeks ago when it was time to find a laundry mat.

After searching online, I found one laundry facility in town. It was about 11:30 on a Sunday morning and I had to go into work at 2:00 that day. I drove over to this cute little laundry where I found Five Star (with a graphic instead of a word) Laundry.

Managed by a small petite older lady who looked to be in her middle 70's, she offered to do my laundry for me. That idea sounded intriguing since I only had about an hour and I didn't really want to spend it sitting around watching the washer spin.

Inside of Five Star Laundry (Photo by Five Star Laundry)

The price was unbelievable. $1.10 per pound of laundry. Her fee included soap, water, washing, drying and folding, and the effort to make it all happen. It would be ready that night by 6:30. Since I didn't get off of work until 8:30, I told her to go ahead and process the laundry and I would return the following morning when she opened.

18 washers and dryers available

At 9:00 the following morning when I returned, I found my large laundry basket filled with tee-shirts, socks, towels, jeans and unmentionables neatly cleaned and folded. The total tab for my 14 pounds of laundry equalled $15.60. What a deal! A tiny luxury to find a "mom" to do my laundry for me in this little town at an unbelievably low price.

14 pounds of Laundry Cleaned and Folded

Five Star Laundry can be found on the east side of Fort Scott at 1636 E. Wall Street. Hours: 9 AM - 7:30 PM.