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  • Debbie J. Elder

Books and Grannies

Used Book Store in Downtown Fort Scott

Over the weekend, John and I visited this jam-packed used bookstore in downtown Fort Scott. Owned by Roxanne Poznich, Purveyor of Books.

Her clever slogan is:

Books and Grannies Peek in all of our Nooks & Crannies.

The store has thousands and thousands of used books in every topic you can think of . . . piled everywhere. Fiction, non-fiction, crime, Civil War, biography, westerns, comics, cookbooks, quilting and crafting, children's books, self-help, nutrition and diet, architecture, home decor and design, geography, history, and on and on.

John hung out in the westerns section for over an hour, while I visited my favorite part of the store . . . the front window where the cookbooks live. There is even a little stool to sit on as you browse through the stacks and stacks of cookbooks in this section of the store.

John peeking in the Cookbook section

The books are all categorized by topic. Tell the owner what you are looking for and she'll lead you straight to the books you might want.

I added four new books to my small Kansas cookbook collection. I spent $22.

San Francisco a la Carte, by The Junior League of San Francisco (1979)

Julia's Kitchen Wisdom (2000)

Cooking the Roman Way (2002)

Cooking with Master Chef's (1993)

Books and Grannies has limited hours. Open Saturdays 11-4 and Sundays 1-4. And by appointment by calling Roxine. Located at 11 North Main Street, Fort Scott, Kansas.