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  • Debbie J. Elder

Luxury Wines: From Boisset Collection

Boisset Collection, Luxury Wines from France & California

As an Independent Ambassador and Director with the Boisset Collection, one of the great benefits of having my own wine business is that I can continue to operate from anywhere in the US. Moving to Kansas will actually open more opportunities for new potential customers, while at the same time I can continue to easily communicate and manage the accounts of my current customers.

All reporting processes for my business are accessed via the innovative "back of the house" program on my website. Keeping track of deadline dates, Wine Society member shipping details, release of new products, and specials can be managed anywhere I have access to a computer, including my phone.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Wine Ambassador with Boisset Collection, send me a note and I'll forward you details. Or, if you or a friend would like to host a wine tasting in Arizona or Kansas, I, or one of my local Ambassadors are available to assist you.

With 100 wines to choose from each month from historical estate vineyards you can actually visit in California and France, this family-owned wine company offers selections for every taste and style. To learn more about Boisset Collection, one of the most innovative wine companies in the country, visit: https://myboissetcollection.com/entertainingwithfriends