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  • Debbie J. Elder

Packing Up for the Move

I've been organizing my packing for just over two weeks now and I'm still not sure if I have everything I'll need. There is only room for the essentials and I have to be selective of what to take based on the amount of space available.

Our five-year old Ford SUV will be my automobile in Kansas, selected for its ability to maneuver through ice and snow when next winter arrives. This vehicle will also be helpful once there so I can load up special finds that I find on my travels around Kansas. We plan to attach a 5' x 8" U-Haul trailer towed behind the Ford to carry the furnishings and basic furnishings. I have been finding great resale furniture deals on Craig's List here in Phoenix. More about those later.

There are certain tools from our Arizona kitchen that will be absolutes. My extra set of knives. A set of stainless steel mixing bowls. Eight place settings of the white ceramic Italian dishware. Antique silverware. Since I won't have a dishwasher this treasured set from the 1950's can be used on a daily basis hand washing after each use. Cloth napkins and placemats.

Special frying pans (including The Pioneer Woman's cast iron) and a couple of saucepans. A pie plate. A casserole dish. Muffin and cake tins. A small crockpot. A roasting pan. Baking trays. Numerous whisks, wooden spoons, a grater, a strainer and a meat thermometer. Favorite spices and baking products. I'll still need to invest in a few other kitchen gadgets once I arrive, but these basic tools will certainly get me started.

Extra linens, towels and blankets. All of the personal tolietries, hair and makeup supplies from the bath. Clothes, coats, shoes, scarfs and boots.

A new bed that pops up out of a box once we arrive and set it up. This is one of the current innovative beds that doesn't require a box springs. We'll see how comfortable it is. It certainly fits in the trailer well. The bed frame. New sheets, down pillows and a bedspread.

Several boxes of Boisset wine. A corkscrew. Wine business supplies. Personal files. Laptop. Charging cords. One box of my favorite cookbooks. Personal pictures and other items to keep me connected to friends and family in Arizona.

A few tools like a hammer and a screwdriver. A laundry basket. Two KU-logoed popup portable chairs (for taking our own seats to events in the community). And the list goes on.

We were successful in stuffing this all in, plus the newly acquired couch, dresser, end tables, lamps and ottoman? Here's a look at the partial pile of items loaded up today.

Follow our journey. We leave in the morning!

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