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  • Debbie J. Elder

The Renovated Farm House

Updated: May 21, 2019

Rural country farm house near Pleasanton, KS

One of the benefits of my new job at Cedar Crest Lodge includes furnished living accommodations. Although the inn sits on 111-acres near Pleasanton, Kansas (population 1,186), there is not an extra home on the grounds for me to stay. The owners of the lodge originally had arranged for me to live at a newly renovated farm house in the country just a few miles away from the Lodge.

During our visit, John and I drove out to see this quaint, rustic and charming property. The drive was mostly on gravel for several miles and the farmhouse ended up being on a private dead-end road with two other homes, each located about 1/2 mile apart. Beautiful green grass and lots of blossoming trees added to the appeal of this lovely and quiet location.

Views from the property with a private pond

The home featured a ground floor open space with a dining room, living room, the original white steel 1930's-style kitchen cabinets and sink. A vintage bath showcasing a true claw-foot tub. And an upstairs with a bedroom and large sitting room. Two upstairs balconies looked out over the serene green meadows, ponds and budding trees

Although the house was appealing it was severely lacking in a few key areas: There wasn't a washer/dryer. No covered parking (crucial for winter living in Kansas). No tornado shelter (one of my top must-have's!) And the most difficult aspect to manage was . . . no closets. At all. Not even a broom closet!

Here's some other photos of this charming home.

1930's original kitchen cabinets

Living room

Bath with claw foot tub

Master bedroom

Dining area and wood stove

One of two upstairs decks

By the end of the weekend visit, I realized that living in this remote spot, plus the lack of some of my most basic needs, would not allow this home to work for me.

I would have to search on my own for another option to make this situation workable. Continue to follow me for updates on the new home I found as an alternative residence in Southeast Kansas.