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  • Debbie J. Elder

Where is Fort Scott?

The solution as to where to live as I undertake my new inn keeping position is a small community college town located in southeastern Kansas called Fort Scott. The population is 8,087 residents with a business focus on manufacturing, education and county government. Fort Scott is the county seat of Bourbon County. It is a manageable 25-minute drive from Fort Scott to Cedar Crest Lodge.

Located 88 miles south of Kansas City, Fort Scott is on the Marmaton River. Established and garrisoned by the U.S. Army from 1842–1853, soldiers at Fort Scott assisted with the protection of the Permanent Indian Frontier. After the army abandoned the fort in 1853, the buildings were purchased by local settlers at a government auction in 1855. The former military post became the center of one of the largest towns in Kansas Territory.

Between 1855 and 1861, the citizens of Fort Scott experienced the violent unrest that preceded the American Civil War on the Kansas and Missouri border. Eastern newspapers described this violence as "Bleeding Kansas", a result of the national controversy concerning the extension of slavery into the new territories. Murder, mayhem, robbery, and arson were committed by bold free-state and pro-slavery advocates in the name of their cause. On January 29, 1861, Kansas entered the union as a free state, but the turmoil of "Bleeding Kansas" continued throughout the Civil War.

Fort Scott maintains it's Historical District with numerous small shops, restaurants and antique stores. Another attraction is a restored block of Victorian and Italianate designed mansions which were build in the late 1800's.

Downtown Fort Scott

Link to the Fort Scott Convention and Visitors Bureau. http://fortscott.com/tourism